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“Man is an essential connection / link in the competitive power of an enterprise. Because the people make the difference.” (Sumantra Ghoshal)

Over the past decades fashion companies have been concentrating on the optimalization of their manufacturing and distribution processes. Unfortunately, the human input, both internally and externally, has too often been neglected. Nowadays, the limit of optimizing the processes has been nearly reached. Only companies that give people a central place in their strategies, will be able to make the difference. On the one hand by matching their products to the assumptions of the consumers. On the other hand by giving people a more satisfying and central role in the company’s organisation.

People can play a key role in a company’s success, if it accepts their contribution on all levels. By doing so, people will be far more involved. As a consequence, there will be more cooperation between the different departments, a better team spirit and better contacts with suppliers and all other external partners. In other words, the company will be a more successful enterprise. Added value is generated when people and organisations commit to creative completeness, combine their energy and in this way obtain superior results.